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DroneBullet is a kamikaze drone missile that knocks enemy UAVs out of the sky

Imagine this scenario: a quadcopter drone, rigged to carry a bomb, is headed for the White House, a major airport, or a packed school full of children. There’s no time to track down and arrest the person who either programmed its path or is directly piloting it. The most important thing to do is to use counter-drone technology to get it out of the air as soon as possible, stopping it from ever reaching its target. Digital Trends reports.

Officials of AerialX, a six-year-old company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, say they have come up with a magic bullet to stop unmanned aircraft incidents like this. Literally. Drawing on its expertise in areas like machine vision and unmanned aircraft, and combining that with its contacts in the defense world, AerialX has created a patent-pending solution called the DroneBullet.

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