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Is the sky the limit for drone technology in agriculture?

How drones are helping to revolutionise agriculture

There has certainly been a lot of buzz about drones recently. From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claiming drones will soon be dropping  parcels at our doorstep, to having the power to bring whole airports to a standstill, it’s safe to say the technology has really started to take off.

Drones are now increasingly being tipped as a technology that could help revolutionise a whole range of other industries, with agriculture in line to be one of the main sectors expected to benefit from the technology.

This may not be the first time people have ‘droned on’ about the potential that drones hold for agriculture but, thanks to a dramatic improvement in the technology’s capabilities combined with a significant fall in price, it is only recently that they have started to live up to the hype. Uptake of drone technology is therefore predicted to soar across the sector in the near future, with European consumer drone shipments expected to increase four-fold by 2021. So how will this change the face of agriculture?

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